Parkdale United CC

COVID-19 Guidelines


At Parkdale United Cricket Club, we are very conscious of the protocols surrounding COVID-19.

Both meetings in the Pavilion and all training sessions must follow the clubs guidelines.

Social distancing is to be enforced at all times including ALL training sessions, so if parents attend to watch their child be coached and train to improve, they must abide by the guidelines.

Protocols include but are not limited to:

  • No saliva or sweat to be rubbed on cricket balls;
  • All children, coaches and parents to be 1.5m apart at all times;
  • No sharing of equipment under any circumstances;
  • Hand sanitiser is provided and is to be used before and after training by all attenddes;
  • Drop off and pick up times are to be adhered to, no standing around for a chat before or after training;
  • All equipment is wiped down with disinfected wipes before and after training;
  • If possible children should bring their own cricket ball, and ONLY use this at training, and batsmen are not to touch the ball at any time.

We understand that these rules are quite strict, but we have them in place to protect your child, yourself and our coaches and to allow your child to enjoy training whilst knowing they are in a safe, and friendly environment.